Notes For Diabetics To Know


Today, the number of people with diabetes is increasing. If prolonged illness can cause some serious complications such as cardiovascular, kidney, neurological … The treatment of diabetes can be simpler if the patient pay attention to the following problems.

Appropriate diet of people with diabetes

Do not skip meals to reduce calories: Do not skip meals to reduce caloric intake, as skipping meals often leads to snacks and overeating at the next meal. Therefore, you should maintain the frequency and timing of meals. If you are not hungry for dinner, you can cut down on your servings or eat some fruit to keep your appetite at night. Remember that skipping meals not only leads to hypoglycemia but can also cause serious discomfort such as dizziness, increased heart rate and cold sweat.

Eat more fiber: Start your day with a great diet of fiber that not only keeps you full for longer, but also prevents you from eating snacks throughout the day. High fiber breakfast can include oatmeal, whole grain breads, fruits and vegetables to help stabilize blood sugar.

Keep away from sugary drinks: You need to keep in mind the reduction in soda, fruit juices and soft drinks, and soothe thirst with water. High sugar content in sodas, fruit juices can cause hyperglycemia, leading to increased thirst, frequent urination and high calorie intake, leading to weight gain. In addition, it is important to maintain the amount of water of the day by increasing the addition of liquids such as coconut milk, barley milk, butter or water, without carbonated beverages or soda.

Natural Sugar Selection: Instead of artificial sugar, use naturally rich, fiber-rich sugars. Sugar and fiber of fruits are better than normal sugar which can lead to hyperglycemia due to high refined sugar and high in calories. However, natural sugars such as fruits and dates are less likely to cause sugar craving, as the sugar from the fruit is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore, keeps the blood sugar stable for longer. Moreover, they naturally get digested more slowly and enter the blood more steadily.

Limit alcohol use: Drinking a lot of alcohol can reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin, thereby increasing blood sugar. Drinking alcohol regularly can cause weight gain and thus increase the risk of uncontrolled diabetes. Therefore, diabetics should limit alcohol intake, only taking up to one cup (30ml) a day, and drinking too much alcohol may increase or decrease blood sugar.

Diabetes training regime

During the course of diabetes treatment, patients who are not paying attention to their diet, taking medicine prescribed by the doctor, should be regularly exercised.

The results of many studies have shown that: exercise helps the body to burn energy, avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body.

Just simple activities like gardening, climbing stairs, or walking for 20 minutes can also help boost metabolism and burn calories. So you need to keep exercising regularly.

The recommended types of walking, swimming, exercise on the radio, running on the spot, dancing for the elderly are all good for health and recovery.

– Limit and avoid heavy workouts such as tennis, weightlifting: If diabetes affects the nerves, feeling restricted legs, do not do heavy exercise that can hurt your leg. Just practice by swimming, cycling, rowing or on a chair, where you can sharply move the upper body.